Pitch Your Business Plan

G2G Going Global is an initiative of JITO, dedicated towards fostering entrepreneurship and providing an opportunity for global networking.

Pitch Your Business Plan’ is a competition for entrepreneurs to present their business plan, receive feedback and mentoring along with an opportunity for funding.  This competition will be one of the highlights of the G2G Going Global 2016, International Business Conference.

Objectives of ‘Pitch Your Business Plan’ Competition:
·         To promote entrepreneurship
·         To focus on scaling-up of start-ups and early stage ventures
·         To provide funding opportunities by investors and venture capitalists
·         To offer mentoring from investors and serial entrepreneurs
·         To connect to domain experts

Eligibility Criteria:
The competition is open to participants from all around the world with ideas and/or start-ups or early stage ventures.

Submission Deadlines

Non US Based Applicant Deadlines
US Based Applicant Deadlines
Application Submission Deadline
August 7th, 2016
August 25th, 2016
First round winner notification
August 17th, 2016
September  1st, 2016
Final Presentation Round
September 18th, 2016

How to make submissions:
1.      Email jitog2g@jito.org of your interest in competing in the “G2G Business Plan Competition” to receive business plan templates.  Be sure to include your contact information in the email.

2.      Email the completed business plan presentation in the standard format to jitog2g@jito.org as per deadlines above.

3.      A panel of judges will select the top five business plans for the final round. An email will be sent to notify winners of the first round.
4.      The top five winners* will present their plan at the G2G Going Global 2016 Conference in Santa Clara, California on September 18, 2016.
*Please note that top five finalists will be responsible for their own travel, visa & accommodation arrangements.

Judging Guidelines and Criteria
The business plan will be evaluated using the criteria below. Each criterion will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.   The maximum score possible is 40 pts (5pts/section x 8 sections).  

1.      Problem or Need      
The problem or need is real; customer has significant pain or has large unfulfilled needs
2.      Target Market           
Target market is large and/or growing, or is a high priced niche. Customer is well defined
3.      Solution         
Better, Faster, Cheaper, Simple vs. Complex, Quality, Efficient, Convenient, Focused
4.      Team, Board, Advisors
Industry knowledge, skills, leadership, relationships, key successes, or failures
5.      Traction         
Milestones, MVP built, Market validation, Key success metrics, User/revenue growth, Partners, prior valuation, any current investors
6.      Competition vs. Competitive Advantages 
Direct vs. indirect competition, Barriers to Entry?, Patents?, Partnerships?, Investors? 
7.      Business  Model        
Clear revenue model? Sales cycle? ARPU? Life-Time Value?  Recurring or one-time? Scalable, Key Expenses / Time Efforts, Cost: to acquirer/maintain customer, to provide product / service, of people, partnerships
8.      Financial Projections
Based on # customers / units, Reasonable market penetration, Realistic margins, Is Scalable

For further information, contact jitog2g@jito.org

Download Templates:
Pitch Your Business Plan Competition - Information - https://goo.gl/iW1UKm
Pitch Your Business Plan Competition -Presentation Content Help - https://goo.gl/vb2bvq
PowerPoint template - Pitch Your Business Plan Competition - https://goo.gl/2qkcZX